Sync customer details with Klaviyo or Shopify automatically

Enable in settings to target customers through marketing campaigns later


Last Update 2 years ago

In the Restock Rocket app dashboard, click Settings. Next, scroll to the section labelled "Sync customers". You can sync your customers to your Klaviyo account, Shopify admin or both. Enable the toggles based on your preferences.

If a toggle is enabled, your buyer's registration details (i.e. phone number, email and consent to receive marketing material) will be automatically synced. Additionally, for Klaviyo, a source identifier will be added with the value "restock-rocket" so you can filter out the buyer details you received from the app in your Klaviyo dashboard.

For Klaviyo

Syncing to Klaviyo requires the public key associated with your Klaviyo account. To grab the public key, please follow these steps -

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