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Configure registration form to collect marketing consent


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When a customer subscribes for a back in stock alert, it is the ideal time ask if they'd like to be a part of your newsletters and other promotional content sent from your store. If they consent, you can use it across your marketing stack to drip feed promotional content and convert more sales.

To collect a customer's consent with Restock Rocket, click Design in the left menu bar. Next, scroll to the "Mailing/subscriber list" section and enable the checkbox labelled "Show option to subscribe/join mailing list".

The option will appear in the form of a checkbox on the alert registration form. Next, update the label of the checkbox to make sure it has the right content enticing customers to provide their consent. This is also a great place to place disclaimers, particularly if you're in a country bound by GDPR laws. The label supports HTML, so you can use anchor tags and it'll be displayed as a link when your customers open the form.

Finally, to be GDPR compliant, you can also disable the checkbox by default and ensure that customers explicitly opt-in to receiving content by enabling it.

Preview your changes on the right side of your screen as you make them and save them for it to take effect.

You can see if a customer has provided their consent to receiving marketing/promotional consent in the "Marketing" column through most reports across the Restock Rocket dashboard

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