Add ‘Notify me’ button to collection pages

Learn more about how to add Restock Rocket's 'Notify me' button on your collection pages


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To allow your customers with a quick and easy way to subscribe for back in stock notifications, you can add the “Notify me when Available” button on your collection pages.

Step 1

Click "Design" in the left menu bar, and head to the "Collection page" tab. Here, enable the checkbox and set up your button's text + background colours.

Step 2

In your admin dashboard, go to Online Store -> Current Theme, click on Actions and select "Edit Code"

Next, go to the snippets folder and add the below mentioned line of code in the relevant section of your theme files, for example: In the case of the theme “Debut”, add the below code in the product-card-grid.liquid file or in the case of “Dawn” in the product-card.liquid file.

If you can’t find any files like the one mentioned above, please look for the liquid snippet that rends a product on the collection page of your store.

Code to be inserted:

If you face any issues or challenges adding the button to your collection pages, please reach out through the Support widget in the bottom left corner of the app or through email at [email protected].

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