Test or configure Restock Rocket on an unpublished theme

Learn more about how to set up Restock Rocket with an unpublished theme on your store


Last Update vor 2 Jahren

Restock Rocket only supports published themes at the moment. You can test the app on an unpublished theme, but it may not work as expected especially if you have a custom configuration set up to get the "Notify me" button working correctly on your store. 

To enable the app embed on a theme of your choice:

Step 1: From your admin dashboard, go to Online Store -> Themes -> Select a theme -> Customize.

Step 2: Go to Theme Settings (on the bottom left of the page)

Step 3: Click on App Embed and toggle ‘ON’ the App Embed for Restock Rocket

Step 4: Click on Save. Your our of stock product pages should now have the “Notify me when Available” button set up on it.

If you don’t see the “Notify me when available” button pop up on out of stock products on your store, please reach out to us for support at [email protected].

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