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Make sure back in stock notifications are configured correctly


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To test and make sure your customers will receive back in stock alerts when you restock your products, follow these steps.

Note - Before following these steps, please make sure to set up the 'Notify me when available' button on your store.

Step 1: Navigate to any out of stock product page on your store and click "Notify me when available". If you don't have an out of stock product, update the inventory of a product in your Shopify admin.
Step 2: Register your email or phone number in the popup form.
Step 3: Restock the product in your Shopify admin by updating its available inventory to a number higher than the minimum threshold you've configured.

Step 4: Check your email or phone for back in stock alerts. Unless you've disabled automatic alerts in the app's settings, you will receive the notification within a minute or two of restocking your product.

If you run into any issues or if you have questions, please reach out to me via the 'Support' widget or at [email protected]

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