Change back in stock SMS alert template

Learn how to change the back in stock SMS alert sent from Restock Rocket


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Restock Rocket allows you to fully and easily customize the text alerts you send to customers when their requested product is restocked.

To customize the SMS sent to customers, please go to Design in the left menu bar -> Notification templates (tab) -> SMS template. From here, you can change the content of the SMS and decide where they should land on your store after opening the link.

Since SMS charges can vary depending on segments used & region you're sending to, there's a template testing tool built into the app that you can use to try out with different product names and find the optimal text length.

Preview the changes to your SMS template live to the right of your screen. Once you have finalized your design, save it to publish the changes. All SMSs sent from then on will use the new template.

If you run into any issues, please reach out to me via the Support widget or at [email protected]

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